Can an article of clothing carry with it invisible ties and connections to the past and the people it may have come into contact with? My goal for this project is to connect with my mother and her side of the family through the act of restoring, wearing, and highlighting articles of clothing from her past.

06 August 2009

Quick Note

My host just sent me an email and they are doing some server maintenance, so some of the pictures may go down for a bit but it shouldn't be long, probably an hour or so.

05 August 2009

Ang Katapusan - The End

It turned out a lot different and the same then I had originally planned. As I was working on the actual dress I ran through several issues, one of them being that our sewing machine kept screwing up on me so I ended up having to hand sew a lot of the dress. And of course getting the pictures on there was a challenge in itself. I had originally intended to make them 8.5x11 but when I started printing and comparing the size to the dress I didn't like it. So I ended up doing a wallet size format, which meant cutting the images out and making sure I got them as straight as possible. All in all, I guess I'm pleased. I learned a lot about myself, what I can and cannot do, what my limits are, and even some about my family... And that was really what I wanted... the journey. :)